10 Reasons You Should Move To Costa Rica Now

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Do you have a dream of moving abroad and starting a new adventure?

Can you see yourself finally buying that perfect beach house or investment property in a tropical paradise? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then now is the time to consider investing in Costa Rica real estate!

Starting anything new takes a leap of faith and knowing the right people (aka us, here at Quiros Real Estate!)

If you’re ready to learn what makes Costa Rica a hot spot for ex-pats AND a safe haven for real estate investing, keep reading! This article explores the top 10 Reasons You Should Move to Costa Rica Now!

1. Costa Rica Is Often #1 On The Happiness Index. 

According to the Happiness Institute, Forbes, and International Living Magazine, Costa Rica is consistently named one of the happiest places on earth. (Source) 

  • Costa Rica is full of an eclectic mix of friendly and adventurous people from around the world. It features abundant wildlife, clean rivers, pristine waterfalls, beautiful beaches, and breathtaking volcanoes.  
  • Even though Costa Rica is a small country, ecologically, it’s very diverse! With average temperatures between 71 and 91 degrees Fahrenheit, simply choose your climate of choice and start exploring. 

2. People Live Longer In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is considered one of the 5 Blue Zones where people live the longest and are healthiest. 

  • The Blue Zone in Costa Rica is found along the Nicoya Peninsula
  • Abundant Access to tropical fruits and fresh vegetables adds to a healthy Blue Zone diet.
  • Walkability in the area contributes to people naturally moving more throughout their day… plus a healthy dose of vitamin D (hello, sunshine!) all contributes to a higher quality of life and overall longer lifespan.

For a list of 100+ properties near the Central Pacific Coast Click Here. 

3. Costa Rica Is A Renewable Energy Leader

Costa Rica is nearly 100% powered by renewable energy, primarily supplied by Hyrdo Electric Dams. (Source)

  • While most goods are transported by semi-trucks that primarily run on diesel fuel, Costa Rica is encouraging and subsidizing the future use of electric vehicles.   
  • Other sources of renewable energy include solar power, wind power, biomass, and geothermal energy. It’s safe to say that Costa Rica is genuinely invested in sustainability.

4. Costa Rica Makes It Easy To Gain Citizenship

There are several ways to gain legal citizenship, through a retirement income or making a financial investment. 

  • One possible way to gain citizenship is to marry a Costa Rican or have a child here! There is a process to follow to gain your citizenship after, so it’s advised to work with a trusted immigration lawyer if you choose this path.
  • Costa Rica is rolling out a digital nomad program, which provides a 1-year Visa for those making $3,000 a month as a remote workers.
  • If you can prove you are retired or disabled and have a pension of at least $1,000 per month, you can apply for the Pensionado Program.
  • Costa Rica has lowered the investment amount to apply for permanent residency. The thresh-hold was changed recently from $200,000 to $150,000. (Source)

5. Costa Rica Is The Safest Country In Central America.

Even though it has no military, political stability has contributed to Costa Rica consistently ranking high as one of the safest countries. (Source) 

  • The Global Peace Index sites that among countries in Central America and the Caribbean, Costa Rica ranks as the most peaceful country in the region.
  • After the civil war ended in 1948, the government voted to abolish the military soon after in 1949. Now Costa Rica has lived peacefully with no army for over 72 years.

6. Affordable Prices

While some prices are higher than you might expect for Central America, the average is lower compared to other parts of the world.  

  • Most people gladly accept this trade for the breathtaking beauty and overall safety Costa Rica offers.
  • Import taxes range from 13% to 40% for batteries, fossil fuel cars, and tools. However, you can ship a container tax-free if moving here, and bringing smaller necessities in your luggage is always an option.
  • Utilities can range from $200-$400/mo with AC. Without AC, around $50-$150/mo.

7. Costa Rica Is Dedicated To Protecting Wildlife And The Environment

Recognized as a leader in going green, Costa Rica has put into place significant restrictions to protect flora and fauna for generations to come.

  • Costa Rica banned Oil and Gas exploration in 2002.
  • The country is protecting more rainforests than any other country in Central America through national park conservation efforts.
  • Costa Rica has created a vast system of wildlife corridors and highway crossing lines, keeping tree-dwelling animals safe and off the roads.

8. Planning And Permitting Of Building Projects Is Easy With The Right Team. 

You can’t lose with the right team on your side. Let Quiros Real Estate help your dreams of living and investing in Costa Rica come true. 

  • Ideally, your realtor can help set up the escrow, a banker, a dependable building contractor, and an accountant.
  • When searching for a contractor, speak with a couple of past clients and consider visiting previous job sites.
  • Keep in mind– the most common bad experience is the price and timeline of the job growing well beyond the budget.
  • Choose your contractor wisely, or be prepared to manage the build yourself. 

If you need help moving to Costa Rica’s Central or Southern Pacific Zones, don’t hesitate to contact Quiros Real Estate.

9. You Can Set Up A Business Or A Personal Bank Account Without Citizenship

Easily stay connected by opening a bank account locally. Complete seamless transactions in the local currency.

  • If you decide to bank in Costa Rica, there’s no shortage of options. While Banco Central de Costa Rica is the country’s central bank, the banking system is comprised of state-owned banks, commercial banks, private finance companies, savings and loans cooperatives, and insurance companies. (Source) 
  • One way to open an account is through Banco de Costa Rica, which allows for Business Accounts with a Corporation and personal accounts for citizens. 
  • Another option is through Banco National, which allows for personal accounts for nonresidents using your passport and social security card.

10. Enjoy Major Health Improvements By Living In Costa Rica and Experiencing Pura Vida 

Costa Rica isn’t just for backpackers anymore.

  • Many people visit Costa Rica to recover from health issues, given the abundance of fresh air, clean water, locally grown food, and diverse climates. 
  • Costa Rica is also becoming a top destination for medical tourism, which accounts for 6% to 8% of the total number of tourists who enter the country each year. (Source) This shows that essential and cosmetic procedures are increasingly affordable compared to North American prices.

We hope this quick 10 Reasons You Should Move To Costa Rica Now list has inspired you and is just the push you need to follow your dreams of moving to Costa Rica!

If you found this article helpful, then it’s time to read the startling truth about moving abroad. Our next article may have you changing your mind… 5 Reasons Costa Rica Is Not For You.

Whether you’re building your dream home in Costa Rica or considering buying a home or farm, we’re here to help. Contact Quiros Real Estate with your questions!

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